84% Of Crypto Exchanges Fail in their first 2 years

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If you plan to start a Crypto Exchange, bear in mind that 85% of new crypto exchanges fail with 92% of them generating less than 40 trades a day.

Why Startup Exchanges Fail

Analyzing tens of cases of clients having issues with in-house built exchanges or exchanges provided by independent software providers, we found a common theme of problems across three layers of business operations.
Acquisition Challenges
Layer 1
Why retail crypto traders should leave their exchanges and switch to you? What is your pricing? How you differentiate your product?
Low Traffic
Layer 2
What is the projected traffic? What effort you are putting to increase it? What is the target increase per customer?
Low Revenue
Layer 3
What is the projected revenue per customer? Is it profitable assuming your prices are competitive? What are your tools to increase revenue per customer?

Our Approach

Technology aside, we approach the process of building a crypto exchange business as a financial trading business problem first and foremost. We focus on 5 key areas that we believe determine whether the crypto exchange will turn successful with a loyal customer base or not.
Identifying inherint strengths

Understanding your current business infrastructure first.

Understanding the targeted market, existing partnerships and client base is second.
Developing a Localized Product

Build a financial trading product tailored for your audience

that utilizes the infrastructure you have in place and the new tools we can provide.
Traffic Modeling and Optimization

An attractive product is meaningless if does not result in a scalable business.

For that, we model the trading flow, simulate different scenarios and measure its profitability. Then we optimize with tools at our hand, and re-iterate until we are satisfied.
Develop Efficient Promotion Models

Promotion is more than digital and affiliate marketing.

It is about creating products that by design stimulate trading and encourage sharing.
Have them experience your "product"

Package your product with a user experience that delivers your value proposition efficiently and a look & feel that matches your brand identity.

Naturally, a fully featured Crypto Platform and much more...

Custom UI & UX

In addition to providing you with a web and mobile apps, we package the platform with a unique experience and look & feel that reflects your brand and unique value proposition.

Optimal Liquidity

With the widest range of connections, you are secured with the widest range of instruments for trading. Be these the thousands of crypto pairs or different types of fixed income vehicles.

Plus tens of standard & advanced features

  • Wallets infrastructure
  • 10+ supported Blockchains
  • Staking, Lending, ETF, etc.
  • NFT infrastructure
  • Social Trading
  • Banks Integration
  • ... and much more

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