Increase income on your A-Book and B-Book operations while maintaining a high Quality of Execution for your clients via a family of advanced market making engines.

State of art HF Market Making

Flash Inventory Processor (FIP) is equipped with more than 5 engines that parametrize each order's routing approach to ensure an efficient market making process with low risk parameters.

As of 2020, the engine processes more than 120 variables that are factored in market making decisions, and this list nearly doubles every 6 months.

Market Making

Matching Engine

Risk Analysis

Price Analysis

Manage FIP Remotely

NEXT systems are designed to allow your team to manage them from remote locations and react to issues quickly on the go.

Web Manager

Includes all market making configuration, optimization and monitoring facilities.

Mobile Manager

Meant for tasks that have an urgency aspect to them. In addition, has monitors and issues management.

Can I use FIP with MT4/5?

Yes, FIP is designed to run optimally with your MT4/MT5 platform.

I have an MT White Label. Can I use it?


Can it work with external STP Bridges?

Yes, FIP works well with other STP Bridge providers like PrimeXM, FxCubic, Brokeree, Centroid, etc. Actually, we encourage our customers to explore all products in the market to get the best option or run multiple technologies from different providers.

Are there preconditions to run it?

Yes, unfortunately now we focus on our customer base that generates traffic above 10k lots per month. Later, we will consider delivering it to a wider segment of the market.

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